Updated Pasadena Concrete Driveway

Updated Pasadena Concrete Driveway

This Pasadena concrete driveway was a project that came to us by recommendation. The homeowners from our most recent project, Sunken Driveway Repair in Pasadena, were so impressed by the work Maryland Curbscape had done repairing their collapsed driveway that they passed along our contact information to neighbors down the road. The homeowners for this project contacted Maryland Curbscape concerned about the condition of their existing driveway. The driveway was extremely weathered and out-of-date, with many potentially hazardous cracks and holes forming in the concrete. Homeowners were not only concerned about the weathered look of their current concrete but also for the safety of their young child.

Pasadena Concrete Driveway Demo

Demo for updated Pasadena concrete driveway. As per most of our jobs, they saw what we did to their neighbor’s driveway and contact us.

Upon inspection, and after consulting with the homeowners, it was determined a complete reconstruction would be the best strategy. Our demolition team arrived on site and began drilling and breaking up the old driveway, then hauled away the rubble. The team then mapped out the driveway based on the clients specific needs. Together we decided on a Standard Broom Finish style concrete laid in a tic-tac-toe type pattern. The reason concrete is often times laid out in this pattern, instead of one long slab, is to allow for flexibility and control of the concrete. These concrete expansion joints allow the pads to expand and contract (get bigger and smaller) with temperature and humidity changes. This reinforces the overall structure and thus increases the life expectancy of the final driveway.

Pasadena Concrete Driveway Finished

Completed concrete driveway and “S” shaped walkway. Decided to go with a curved walkway to give a softer and more appealing look.

After laying the concrete in an effort to create a natural flow and connection between the walk and driveway we suggested amending the shape of their current walkway. Our team kept the same Standard Broom Finish style concrete to lead up to the door but instead opted for an “S” style curve. This gave the walkway a more organic and natural feel as opposed to the tight “L” shape in place before the remodel.  The homeowners for this project were extremely pleased by the finished project. If you are experiencing similar issues or simply want a to update your existing walk or drive way don’t hesitate to contact Maryland Curbscape today.

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