Pasadena Pathway

Pasadena Pathway

The homeowners of this Pasadena pathway contacted Maryland Curbscape for a redesign of their pathway. The  path leads from the driveway to the front door.

Pasadena Pathway

Pasadena Pathway leads from the front door to the garage.

Previously, it was comprised of natural flagstone steppers. While steppers lend a certain aesthetic appeal to some homeowners, it quickly becomes apparent that their is major maintenance and upkeep involved with them. Steppers will sink and pop with the changing seasons, causing a tripping hazard. Also, grass and other plants grows between the stones and can be difficult to trim and maintain which can be a hassle.

Maryland Curbscape removed the steppers and prepared the path by regrading and framing. We then poured and stamped the concrete. The finished look is a London Cobblestone in a Tahoe red color.

Pasadena Pathway

This Pasadena Pathway creates a sophisticated flow from the garage to the from door.

If you are interested in replacing your step stone walk, like this Pasadena pathway, contact Maryland Curbscape. We have a myriad of solutions to create an elegant look to your home.


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