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Americans spend 91% of their outdoor summertime fun on their patios. OK, so maybe that’s fake news, but still, we spend a significant portion of time outdoors entertaining, visiting and just relaxing. With a well-appointed patio, a home’s value is compounded by a factor of 12 in terms of future resale. Also fake – but you’ll be interested to learn more about popular patio applications for homeowners.

In many cases, poured concrete is a cost-effective solution for patios. While there are downsides that include fading, concrete is also versatile. There was a time when poured concrete was the only option – grey, plain and boring – but times have changed. Now available in many different colors and finished effects, these applications compete handily with pavers or other stone types, adding new dimension and elegance to any patio, driveway or sidewalk.

Stamped Concrete

The combination of color and shapes is vast and can transform your outdoor space into an English garden retreat, a castle corridor, an old barn floor or even a brick road. Often more economical than pavers and easier to maintain, two popular patterns that many homeowners choose for their patio space are cobblestone and brushed concrete.

Cobblestone: Like any stamped concrete pattern, cobblestone is created by using interlocking templates or mats that are pressed into the fresh concrete. Once the pattern is transferred, different colors and textures are added, making for a unique finished product.

Brushed Concrete: From its simpler name – this finished effect is quite the opposite of cobblestone. Whereas cobblestone takes on shape, color and texture – a brushed concrete finish is created by pulling a stiff brush over the surface of the fresh concrete after being leveled.  This application is commonly used for driveways and sidewalks and offers more of a grip or traction. However, brushed concrete, while not sexy, does have a utilitarian appeal.

For the average homeowner – it’s a completely personal choice with no wrong answer. At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is “choice” – and you have many with today’s various concrete applications. The patio remains the central outdoor entertaining space for your friends and family. When it’s time to install that new outdoor entertainment space, consider all your options both plain and elegant!

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