Decorative Landscape Boarders to Upgrade Curb Appeal

When it comes to your home’s custom landscape, Maryland homeowners deserve quality.

At Maryland Curbscape, we provide attractive, durable, maintenance-free, and cost-effective alternatives to traditional concrete landscaping products. When compared to traditional border products like wood, stone, brick, plastic, or metal, our concrete curbing products outperform them all—especially when it comes to bringing quality to Maryland homeowners’ landscape, bringing the curb appeal to a higher level.

Curb Styles to Choose From:

Slant style

slant decorative style





Our most popular style. The slanted shape showcases the stamped and textured patterns.

Mower style

mower decorative curb style





The unique two-tier shape adds definition and flair to the landscape. Stamped and textured patterns also show very well.

Rectangular style

rectangular decorative curb style






This style works well for homes set on larger lots and can also be used to set off a septic system drainage field. The massive look creates proportion and dimension between the home and landscape.

Commercial curb

commercial decorative curb styles






The gray colored 6” X 6” curb is usually the specification used by architects and commercial contractors. Vertical and horizontal rebar can be installed to attain the strongest curb possible. Commercial Curb cannot be stamped or textured, however it can be custom colored.

Why Concrete Landscape Borders?

  • Elegant and affordable.
  • Professional appearance.
  • Provides a clean, “manicured” look that conforms to the contours, and shapes of your landscaped areas.
  • Unlimited combination of colors, textures, and stamped patterns that allow for true, personal customization.
  • Acts as a root barrier, preventing weeds and grass from invading your plants and flowerbeds.
  • Prevents mulch spill off, weathering, and erosion.
  • Lawn maintenance and hedge trimming is made easier and less time consuming.
  • Resists termites, insects, and mildew growth–unlike wood products.
  • Will not move or separate like brick pavers or stone products.
  • Professionally installed in one day with no need to disturb or damage the existing landscape.
  • Written warranty protects your investment.

This summer is the perfect time to upgrade your home’s landscape. And when you need attractive, durable, maintenance-free, and cost-effective alternatives to traditional concrete landscaping products, Maryland Curbscape is here to provide homeowners with beautiful home landscape designs, guaranteed to outperform the alternatives.

Maryland Curbscape is dedicated to serving Maryland homeowners and property owners the highest-quality concrete curbing available. And when you take a look at our before and after page, you’ll see for yourself what Maryland Curbscape is all about.

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