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There is nothing more unsettling than waking up in the night to the sweet sounds of a raccoon army assembling underneath your deck. That’s the trade off of having a wooden deck, they say. You have a nice space you can use for relaxation or entertainment, but it will also flood underneath and play host to critter families. This family in Maryland had the same predicament. Their wooden deck hovered one foot above the ground, providing the perfect home for all those adorable pests, not to mention a nice flood once and a while.

Maryland Curbscape came to their rescue, cleaning up their space with an updated and high quality design. They installed a classic concrete patio with a slip resistant brushed finish. The patio provides a high quality and durable design. In addition, the patio is sloped to provide proper water drainage. Say goodbye to floods and endless woodland creatures and hello to no stress all year. This beautiful new space was installed in just one day.

The next time you find yourself up at night worrying about the sustainability of your space out back, give yourself a break and call Maryland Curbscape. They can turn your nightmares into a dream come true.

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