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In today’s fast paced housing market, even newer homes come with their share of head scratching nuisances. Beautiful architecture can be lost within the small flaws of the forgotten landscaping or patio. With so many service providers offering dozens of choices, things can become overwhelming for even the most seasoned homeowners. This is exactly what this family in Severn faced before they called Maryland Curbscape.

A family in Severn, MD purchased a newer home, and it had all they wanted for their family. The only thing missing was a patio and stronger stairs. The homeowners were overwhelmed like so many others with too many option and price points. Maryland Curbscape made it easy for them. Maryland Curbscape installed a custom stamped concrete patio in a silver grey. The dark accents highlighting the grout lines of the stone texture gave it a highly unique, rich and natural look like no one else’s patio. In lieu of a typical rectangular design, Maryland Curbscape opted for a natural curved “free form” shape. This special detail had no impact on the price of the job. The old and weathered wooden stairs were also replaced with sturdy concrete stairs prepared to stand the test of time. Only two days of installation were needed for decades of long lasting material and design. These homeowners will be getting compliments on their patio and stairs for years to come. Their whole home is now elegant, unique and the perfect fit for their family.

With all the stresses of home owning and home improvement, take one worry off of your ever-growing list: call Maryland Curbscape for your next landscape fiasco. They will ensure a unique, high quality design at an affordable price. The job will be quick and pain free. It will leave you with long lasting results to ensure that you will never have an outdoor worry again.


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