Concrete vs. Asphalt

Concrete vs. Asphalt

Concrete vs. AsphaltWhich is better, concrete or asphalt? Your driveway or walkway may be in need of repair. A common question we are always asked is whether concrete or asphalt is a better choice. Both are constructed of stone and sand; it is the adhesive that sets them apart. Concrete uses cement and asphalt uses tar. Both also require the same prep by leveling the surface and laying a gravel base. While there are advantages to both materials; one product will edge out the other in most cases. Here is the comparison of concrete vs. asphalt.


  • relatively inexpensive
  • potholes are common
  • has a much shorter lifespan but repairs easily
  • dark in color so stains do not show
  • requires frequent maintenance and resealing
  • oily texture softens in the sunlight and becomes scorching to the touch


  • greater longevity,  driveways can last 40+ years
  • low maintenance
  • cleans well and easily with a power-washer
  • can be customized with color, design, and shape
  • may crack in fluctuating temperatures, but can be repaired
  • finished product is harder and stronger

For many folks, your driveway is more than a path leading from the road to your garage. Some families consider their driveway an extension of the yard as a safe play area for children. It is a place where neighbors will congregate and visit. You need to consider what surface best serves these purposes. Asphalt can potentially be cheaper upfront but more costly in maintenance down the road. Concrete can be highly customized and last a long time. If you live in a community, check your HOA regulations as they may have stipulations for types of driveways.

There are certain advantages to both materials, but concrete offers a longer-lasting virtually maintenance free product. If you have questions, or would like to schedule a quote, please contact Maryland Curbscape.

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