Columbia Driveway

Columbia Driveway

These homeowners in Columbia contacted Maryland Curbscape expressing concern about their cracked driveway.

Columbia Driveway

A large tree caused major damage to this Columbia driveway

This double driveway located at a home in Columbia, Maryland suffered extensive damage due to a large tree located on the property. The tree’s roots caused the driveway to crack and buckle, therefore opening it up to further environmental deterioration. The driveway near the garage entrance was also sinking, creating almost a 6 inch step between the driveway and the garage. This could become an automobile issue, causing potential tire damage or alignment problems. It also is a safety hazard as someone could simply trip when walking into the garage.

Columbia Driveway

The entrance to this Columbia driveway and garage sank, creating a 6 inch step.

Columbia Driveway

The tree’s close proximity to this Columbia driveway caused the driveway to crack and buckle.

The homeowners wanted to have the tree removed, and knew that the driveway would also have to be addressed.

Because of the close proximity of the tree to the drive, Maryland Curbscape consulted with the tree removal company. Once the tree was removed, Curbscape demolished the driveway and hauled away the debris. The tree company then came back in and ground up the stump and any invasive tree roots.

After that was cleaned up, we regraded the yard and prepared to pour the concrete for the driveway. Through carefully coordinated efforts both companies were able to work together to complete the project with minimal inconvenience to the homeowner.

Columbia Driveway

The Columbia Driveway finished product instantly spruces up the house.

The finished driveway is standard concrete with a boom finish. Repairing the driveway before the winter was a great idea so that the homeowners can now properly care and maintain their property during snowy and icy conditions. The issues were instantly addressed and the home got an instant face-lift.

If your driveway has suffered damage, for any reason, contact Maryland Curbscape for a consultation. Our experts work well with other contractors to provide you with quality, reliable and dependable service.

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