Catonsville Walkway Repair

Catonsville Walkway Repair

The homeowners of this Catonsville Walkway project was constructed of old slate tiles. Although the slate itself was in fine condition, the mortar (grout) joints were eroding and chipping away. This was allowing water to get below the tiles and break them loose. Not only making the area unsightly but also unsafe. Slate is also very slippery in wet weather conditions and difficult to maintain in the snow.

Walkway Before

Catonsville Pathway Repair Before

This old slate Catonsville walkway was becoming a safety hazard. Slate is difficult to maintain in the snow.

Maryland Curbscape pulled up the old slate, and prepared the site for poured concrete, by framing out the path in a similar pattern to the old one. The new stamped concrete the owner picked is a Random Stone pattern in a slate blue color.

Walkway After

Catonsville Pathway Repair After

Curbscape repaved this Catonsville walkway to re-create the aesthetic in a similar fashion.

The project took only took a day and a half to complete and added a lovely, classic, and welcoming style to the front of the home. The walkway color also contrasted with their beautiful door and complimented the house, adding a new, refreshed curb appeal.

Catonsville Pathway Repair After

The finished front stoop of the Catonsville walkway adds a beautiful element to the front of the home.

If you are interested in pulling up your old walkway contact Maryland Curbscape for a free consultation. A stamped concrete entrance will not only create a safer path but add an attractive appeal to your home.

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