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It’s hard enough having to decorate the inside of your new home, so moving on to that landscaping step can be very daunting. Whether you have a ridiculous amount of foliage or none as far as the eye can see, fighting nature to build the perfect out door space is grounds for a serious headache.

That is exactly what this family in the Bowie area had happen to them. They moved into a beautiful brand new home, and with it came a completely empty back yard. They did not panic, and called Maryland Curbscape instead. Maryland Curbscape arrived to transform their back yard space in just two days – almost as fast and just as magical as Cinderella’s fairy godmother. The family chose a curved free form stamped concrete patio. Medium sized slate tiles were used for a unique pattern that will set them above the rest. A border was also added to provide a framed and manicured look. The look was finished off with stamped concrete steps installed at the rear sliding door, complimenting the entire space.

A new home to live in complete with a gorgeous outdoor entertainment hot spot was exactly what this military family got and deserved. The next time your outdoor space makes you want to lay down in the soft grass and cry, call Maryland Curbscape. They can get you on your feet and into a comfy chair in your new outdoor space in no time.

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