Another Stamped Concrete Patio Installation in Columbia

Another concrete installation to another beautiful Maryland home.

For the team at Maryland Curbscape, it was just another stamped concrete patio installation—nothing from out of the ordinary. However, this Columbia homeowner wanted to build his brand new stamped concrete patio space below his deck.

The space underneath the deck was under utilized, unable to grow grass, and it turns into a mud pit after a rain storm. After shopping around and weighing their options for the ideal patio design to go underneath the deck, this family decided to go with the professionals at Maryland Curbscape.



For a true upgrade to this family’s backyard living space, they knew exactly what they wanted–so we applied custom stamped concrete in a slate tile pattern. With tones of natural and dark grays to add contrast, the new tile sets the patio space apart from everything else in the backyard. Due to the slope in the backyard’s geography, we had to install multiple landing points to connect the staircase to the above deck.

After just three days of work, this concrete installation project turned a boring and useless part of the backyard, into an elegant and open addition to the backyard living space. The team at Maryland Curbscape are the professionals to call when it comes to upgrading your outdoor living space. From traditional and standard, to decorative and unique, Maryland homeowners are always keeping us busy and creative. To learn more about how we can service your outdoor living space, click here.

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