Annapolis, MD Driveway Repair

Annapolis Driveway Repair

New Driveway Near Annapolis High School

Maryland Curbscape was contacted to repair a driveway near Annapolis High School. The owner of this driveway requested us due to the quality of their neighbors drive that we had redone as well. They were very impressed with the results and therefore wanted us to do the same for them. The old driveway was made of asphalt which has common issues over time. The driveway was riddled with alligator cracks and had to be completely removed. Maryland Curbscape replaced it with a plain, broom-finished concrete driveway. As shown in the photo, it has a grain to the design to make it slip resistant when wet.

Driveway Before

Driveway Repair Before

Driveway After

Driveway Repair After

If you are interested in making your curb appeal better or are in need of a new driveway, call Maryland Curbscape today.

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